PEOPLE Seminar: From micro- to nanoplastics: what we don’t know but should

Speaker: Dr. Elvis Genbo Xu, Assistant Professor of Environmental Toxicology and Sapere Aude Research Leader, University of Southern Denmark

Date and time: Wed, April 13, 2022, 1:00 – 1:50 pm NDT

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Abstract: The ubiquitous micro-and nanoplastics (MNPs) in the environment is of increasing global concern. These small plastic particles are considered emerging ecological and human health threats but we are facing multifaceted challenges in understanding the environmental fates, biological effects, and impacts of MNPs. In this seminar, Dr. Xu will share his recent findings on the environmental occurrence, exposures, biological effects, and toxicity mechanisms of MNPs, highlighting what is not but should be known to stimulate research in this field.

C:UsersElvisDesktopSDUElvis Genbo Xu - Credit © Jacob Fredegaard Hansen (@jacobfh)10.jpgBio: Dr. Elvis Genbo Xu is a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Environmental Toxicology and Sapere Aude Research Leader at the University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. Xu’s research combines state-of-the-art techniques from toxicology, aquatic biology, and omics to understand the impacts of emerging environmental pollutants. His findings on micro-and nanoplastics are featured by Nature, Science, and 300+ global media. He has secured national and international grants of over 1.3 million Euro, and published 70+ peer-reviewed articles in Acc Chem Res, PNAS, ES&T, ES&T Lett, Water Res, ES Nano, J Hazard Mater, etc., with 4 ESI Highly Cited Papers and 2 Hot Paper. He is Associate Editor of Front Toxicol, an editorial board member of Environ Syst Res, Eco-Environ Health, J Hazard Mater, FESE, WEC&N, and Managing Guest Editor of Environ Inter on “Micro(nano)plastic & Health”.


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