PEOPLE CREATE Program Committee

The Program Committee (PC) will guide the strategic direction of the CREATE training initiative, in an advisory capacity. It will not be assessing the research program per se; rather it will play a role in challenging the group of researchers to think innovatively as they establish their group of students and postdoctoral fellows who will participate in the training initiative. It will provide input and guidance in the conduct of program reviews, any related major changes in the program, and in the setting of performance indicators and program evaluation. Progress reports must first be presented to the Program Committee (PC) for their input and approval.

Name (Alphabetical)



Annette Tobin

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Program Lead of Hydrometric, Climate & Water Quality Agreements, Environment and Climate Change

Bing Chen

Memorial University

PI of PEOPLE CREATE; Professor & Head of Civil Engineering

Carlos Bazan

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University

Assistant Professor and Engineering Chair in Entrepreneurship

Catherine Mulligan (Chair)

Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering, Concordia University

Professor; Concordia Research Chair in Geoenvironmental Sustainability (TI)

Dale Booth

Pikwakanagan First Nation; Innovation Seven

Band Manager of Pikwakanagan First Nation; President of Innovation Seven

Ethan Matchinski

Memorial University

Graduate student, Environmental Engineering

Faisal Khan

Memorial University

Associate Dean Graduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering; Professor and Canada Research Chair T1

Greg Janes

Suncor Energy

Manager of Environment, Health and Safety

Jaroslav Slobodnik

NORMAN Network (France)


Kenneth Lee

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

National Senior Scientific Advisor

Xuemei Li

Memorial University

Professor of Education

Zhiwen Zhu

Memorial University

Postdoctoral Fellow, Environmental Engineering


Full Name



PI/KS Role

Dr. Bing Chen

Memorial University

Department of Civil (Environmental) Engineering


Dr. Zhang, Baiyu (Helen)

Memorial University

Department of Civil (Environmental) Engineering

KS 1 Co-Lead

Dr. Rodriguez, Manuel J.

Laval University

School of Regional Planning and Development

KS 1 Co-Lead

Dr. Wang, Feiyue

University of Manitoba

Centre for Earth Observation Science, Department of Environment and Geography

KS 2 Lead

Dr. Champagne, Pascale

Queen's University

Civil Engineering

KS 3 Co-lead

Dr. Bérubé, Pierre

University of British Columbia (UBC)

Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science

KS 3 Co-lead

Dr. Stoyanov, Stanislav

CanmetENERGY-Devon, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

KS 4 Co-Lead

Dr. Passow, Uta

Memorial University

Ocean Science, Faculty of Science

KS 4 Co-lead

Dr. Khan, Faisal

Memorial University

Department of Process Engineering

KS 5 Co-lead

Dr. Sadiq, Rehan

University of British Columbia (UBC) - Okanagan

School of Engineering

KS 5 Co-lead

Dr. Snelgrove, Paul

Memorial University

Department of Ocean Sciences and Biology

KS 6 Co-lead

Dr. Yargeau, Viviane

McGill University

Department of Chemical Engineering

KS 6 Co-lead

Dr. Sarkar, Atanu

Memorial University

Faculty of Medicine

KS 7 Co-Lead

Dr. Ross, Peter S. 

University of Victoria

Ocean Pollution Research Program

KS 7 Co-lead

Dr. Bazan, Carlos

Memorial University

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

KS 8 Co-lead

Mr. Booth, Dale

Pikwakanagan First Nation and Innovation Seven


KS 8 Co-lead

PI = Principal investigator
KS = Knowledge and skill sets

Project Topic (PT) team composition: 

  • PT1: Persistent, emerging, and oil pollutants (PEOP) monitoring, analysis, fate and transport (Leads: Rodriguez, Zhang, Wang)

  • PT2: PEOP prevention, treatment and remediation (Leads: Champagne, Bérubé, Stoyanov, Passow)

  • PT3: Ecological impact, toxicological analysis, and risk management (Leads: Yargeau, Snelgrove, Khan, Sadiq)

  • PT4: Community health effects and technology transfer (Leads: Sarkar, Ross, Bazan, Booth)