#PEOPLE2022inPEI Keynote speaker Dr. Lisa Alvarez-Cohen will give a talk on "Biology of emerging contaminants, do they really eventually emerge?" Dr. Alvarez-Cohen is Claire Sauer Professor of Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley.

Abstract: https://t.co/K43kZX1TMc https://t.co/bZpPpAWW5p
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👇Check out PEOPLE Bulletin Vol.2 - 2021 Review
https://t.co/DGSd2lMNeA https://t.co/ciNKyQUwCy
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Big congratulations on the Canadian Academy of Engineering Fellowship! Well deserved! https://t.co/g5U6v5zK4R
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Memorial Engineering @MUN_Engineering
We are so pleased to highlight a few of the newest @TheCdnAcadofEng fellows:
https://t.co/Iaoufhj3Zd https://t.co/7AYTYe1TM1

Wondering why and how plastic particles are harmful/or not?
Made this poster together with my two kids home, summarizing the key results of 82 published tox studies and 10 papers of our own. Free to share. #microplastic #nanoplastic
@NATsdu @DFF_raad https://t.co/j2WtwHaXLj
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Reminder: The deadline for IOSSC abstract submission is this Friday (June 17, 2022)! https://t.co/XoNnJ1QXqK people_ntwrk photo

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