Education and Training

PEOPLE Network will contribute to the development and implementation of clean technology to help reduce waste and prevent pollution from the sources, and support the use and development of natural resources in a green and sustainable manner, through the gathered expertise and synergic R&D efforts . Through the education and training activities, the Network will increase the environmental and health awareness of communities, and improve their capabilities in protecting themselves from pollution and keeping a safe living and working environment. Importantly the Network will facilitate collaboration between the knowledge producers and users to enable industry to advance technological innovation in the relevant industry in keeping with the goals of Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan and Oceans Protection Plan.

The specific aspects are shown as follows:

  • Improved knowledge of PEOP loading, fate and behaviour

  • Knowledge about the environmental, socio-economic and health effects about PEOP

  • Development of industrial process controls and environmental mitigation and remediation technologies

  • Education and training of HQP and professionals

  • Enhanced public awareness of PEOP including Indigenous engagement

  • Enhancement of science-based decision making for the development policies and regulations

Our PEOPLE Network team has been awarded 1.65 million Canadian dollars for the training program in Persistent, Emerging, and Oil PoLlution in cold marine Environments (PEOPLE CREATE) by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s (NSERC) CREATE Program. It will promote the collaborative consortium with world-class expertise and facilities for leading-edge research on the emerging environmental problems caused by persistent, emerging and organic pollutants (PEOPs), as well as the cross-disciplinary education and training for the next generation of highly qualified personnel and professionals. Together, the program will make important contributions to address the PEOPs challenges and protect Canada’s oceans and coastal communities[Learn More]