Dr. Bing Chen, appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of Environmental System Research (Springer)

Congratulations to Dr. Bing Chen for being appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of Environmental Systems Research (Springer)!

Environmental Systems Research (Springer) publishes high-quality, interdisciplinary and refereed research papers, review and comment articles, and topical collections on all aspects of environmental systems from water (terrestrial and marine), air, soil and biota. The journal aims to advance and apply scientific knowledge and practical methods to improve our understanding of environmental and sustainability issues and support evidence-based policymaking and eco-friendly practice at regional or global scales. The journal particularly encourages innovative, original and cross-disciplinary research on the development and use of new or improved methodologies and technologies for scientific studies and practical work in environmental fields.

The journal coverage includes, but not limited to, the following topics:

– Laboratory, field and modeling studies on sources, fate, transport and effect of traditional and emerging contaminants in the environments
– Monitoring, analysis, prevention, treatment and remediation methods and techniques
– Modeling methods and applications related to assessment, simulation, optimization and management of resources, environmental and ecological systems
– Environmental impact and risk assessment, uncertainty analysis, vulnerability/resilience assessment, and life cycle analysis
– Ecotoxicology, environmental health and safety
– Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, computer graphics, and geomatics for environmental and ecological studies
– Environmental biotechnology, microbiology, and genomics
– New material and nanotechnology and their environmental applications
– Cleaner production, green chemistry, and resource-oriented waste management
– Water resources and watershed modeling, storm water management, and flood/draught control
– Climate change impact assessment and adaptation planning
– Environmental sustainability, circular economy, and asset management
– Environmental decision making, policy, legislation and governance

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