COVID-19: People affected, PEOPLE connected!

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings to all.

The past month and a half have been an unprecedented, challenging time for us all. Between the shift to a largely online work environment and the extra precautions we take when we must go outside, humanity is facing unprecedented, rapid changes. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected.

While we stay at home under social distancing, in times like these it’s even more important to reach out and connect with our friends, family, and colleagues. Our PEOPLE Network is a global community spanning continents, and this is a time to connect in our community and share the good news. We are in the process of preparing a newsletter so if you have any news, publications, updates, opinions, or messages you want to share with our community through the newsletter, please let us know. 

From us here at PEOPLE, we send our best wishes to everyone and your families. Together apart, we can beat this.

Take care and stay healthy,

PEOPLE Network

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